Narrabri Shire Council

Road Network Assessment Underway


 A comprehensive assessment of Council’s road infrastructure including roads, footpaths, and kerb and gutter has commenced. A series of monitoring vehicles and equipment will be used over the next 6 weeks to determine the state of the road network.

The contract for this work was awarded to Infrastructure Management Group Pty Ltd. They will determine the current condition of our roads against the industry standard and this will allow Council to benchmark our current position. The results will ultimately inform Council and determine what work needs to be done to maintain the road network into the future.

The scope of work under the contract includes:

• Providing condition assessment for sealed road surfaces (seals).
• Providing condition assessment for the parking area and bay network.
• Validate all asset details for pavement and seals.
• Providing condition assessment for unsealed road pavements (with and without gravel road base).
• Providing condition assessment for all footpaths and kerb and gutter within Shire towns and villages.

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