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News for 2017

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K9 Kube a win for Council's Ranger (23-Mar-17)

Narrabri Shire Council’s Ranger has recently received an updated vehicle complete with a K9 Kube, a new system of capturing and holding impounded dogs. The Australian-made K9 Kube is designed to aid safer work practices and is a more humane way of collecting and transporting stray animals by eliminating undue stress on the animal and risk of injury to staff.

The purchase of this new system was driven by the safety issues experienced by Council’s Ranger often dealing with distressed and dangerous dogs without any assistance.

“The purchase of the K9 Kube demonstrates the effectiveness of Council’s new safety system, keeping Council staff safe whilst conducting their day-to-day duties,” explained General Manager Stewart Todd.

Council Staff are now able to carry two dogs at a time rather than just one leading to efficiency in ranger operations whilst patrolling outlying communities such as Wee Waa and Boggabri.

The previous Ranger vehicle had a canopy creating hot and dangerous conditions for carrying dogs in the middle of summer. The new K9 Kube has ventilated cages with sight windows so the condition of an impounded animal can be closely monitored and it won’t suffer from heat exhaustion or lack of air.

“It’s great that we can now carry animals in a more comfortable environment with the new K9 Kube,” said Council’s Ranger Mick McCann.

The K9 Kube is fitted with a hydraulic lift allowing dogs to be loaded at ground level and moved up onto the tray of the vehicle without being lifted by the Ranger. The K9 Kube greatly reduces the risk of being bitten and also makes it much easier to handle larger dogs.

“Lifting a large dog into the back of a ute can be difficult at the best of times,” explained Mr McCann, “especially when they don’t want to be caught! This new system means that everything can be done on ground level with the cage easily adjustable to suit different sizes.”

“It’s a really impressive and well-designed piece of equipment that will make performing my duties that much easier,” added Mr McCann.