Narrabri Shire Council

Vision and Values

Narrabri Shire Council Vision

“Narrabri Shire will be a strong and vibrant regional growth centre providing a quality living environment for the entire Shire community.”

Council's Values

Narrabri Shire Council’s Values (ILCARE) are at the very core of what we do and help build and maintain our family friendly, cohesive and progressive culture.

Our values guide our behaviour, how we go about our work, how we engage with each other and our customers, the choices we make and how we spend our time. Our values should be reflected in our everyday actions and decisions and by all employees, regardless of their position and whether with us for a short time or long term career.

Our values are:

Integrity: ensuring transparency and honesty in all our activities.

Leadership: providing guidance and direction to our community and our people.

Customer focus: delivering prompt, courteous and helpful service and being responsive to people's changing needs.

Accountability: accepting our responsibility for the provision of quality services and information.

Respect: treating everyone with courtesy, dignity and fairness.

Excellence: being recognised for providing services, programs and information which consistently meet and exceed standards.