Narrabri Shire Council

Development Control Plans

Development Control Plans (DCP’s) provide a clear guideline regarding the types of development that may occur on specific sites. DCP's are prepared and adopted by Council after consultation with the community. Development control plans are supporting documents to Council's Local Environmental Plans.

You can view Council’s Current Development Control Plans below.

 DCP - Exempt and Complying Development
 DCP - Landfill Development
 DCP - Medium Density Development
 DCP - Outdoor Advertising
 DCP - Parking Code
 DCP - Subdivision Code
 DCP - Transportable Homes
 DCP - Water Supply to Buildings
 DCP - Drainage to Buildings
 DCP - Building Line
 DCP - Encroachment into public roads
 DCP - Building near sewer and stormwater mains
 DCP - Industrial Development Code