Narrabri Shire Council

Current Road Closures for Narrabri Shire



Narrabri Shire flood information

As at 4.00pm on Tuesday, 16 August 2022, the following roads are closed to all traffic:

  • Violet St Bridge, Narrabri
  • SR22 Braymont Road at Barbers Lagoon
  • MR 357 Rangari Road at Iron Bridge
  • SR11 Harparary Road at Horsearm Creek
  • SR9 Bald Hill Road
  • SR107 Waiwera Lane
  • SR15 Therribri Road at Elfin Crossing
  • SR30 Culgoora Road at Nuable Creek
  • SR1 Millie Road at Waterloo Creek
  • SR61 Turrawan Road at Tarriaro

Road users are reminded that:
• They may be liable for any damage that they cause to a road that is closed to their vehicle type.
• Travelling on roads covered with water is extremely dangerous and should be avoided.
• Road conditions can change without warning and drivers should travel with caution.
• Unsealed roads damage very easily when they are wet and only essential journeys should be undertaken until these
roads dry out.
• Repairs to damaged roads are not usually possible until the roads and gravel stockpiles begin to dry out.
• Council prioritises repairs, with high traffic roads usually receiving attention first.
All road closures are listed on Council’s Facebook page

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