General Manager's Directorate

The Acting General Manager at Narrabri Shire Council is Glenn Inglis.

The General Manager has the following particular functions:

  • The day-to-day management of the Council;
  • The exercise of such of the functions of the Council as are delegated by the Council to the General Manager;
  • To appoint staff in accordance with the organisation structure and resources approved by the Council;
  • To direct and dismiss staff; and
  • To implement the Council’s Equal Employment Opportunity Management Plan.

The General Manager is assisted in the discharge of the abovementioned functions together with the objectives identified in the organisation structure by the following senior staff:

  • Director Corporate and Community Services
  • Director Infrastructure Delivery
  • Director Planning, Strategy and People

The General Manager's Directorate can be contacted on 02 6799 6866.


Narrabri Shire Council
46-48 Maitland Street
PO Box 261
Narrabri NSW 2390