Narrabri Shire Council


There are five types of items that can be placed in your Yellow lid bin for recycling. 

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Glass

Your recycling service saves valuable resources from being buried in landfill where they will never be used again.

When placing items in your recycling bin please:

  • Do not place recyclable items in plastic bags
  • Flatten cardboard
  • Rinse all containers (use your washing up water when finished)
  • Remove lids from bottles and jars. 

General tips on what can be placed in General Waste, Organics and Recycling.

Community Recycling Centre

Address: 73 Dump Road Narrabri

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 8.00am to 5.00pm

Closed: Good Friday, Easter Sunday, ANZAC Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Community Recycling Centres are drop off centres for common household problem wastes that cannot be collected via council kerbside waste and recycling collection services. Problem wastes can be disposed at these centres free of charge.

Refer to the Northern Inland Regional Waste website for a detailed breakdown of accepted waste items


Recycle Right

Get your recycling sorted with these tips:

NSW Container Deposit Scheme

Containers between 150ml and 3 litres are acceptable to be placed in the yellow bin for kerb side collection or they may also be redeem for 10 cents at the Challenge Narrabri Recycling Earn and Return - Reverse Vending Machines.

Eligible Containers:

  • Cans (e.g. sof drinks)
  • Bottles (e.g beer bottles)
  • Cartons (e.g. 1 lt milk cartons)
  • 250ml poppers

Ineligible Containers;

  • Glass wine or spirit bottles
  • Juice or Milk containers over 1 litre
  • Cordial Bottles

The Earn and Return - Reverse Vending Machines is not a Council operated facility.

All operational questions are to be directed to Challenge Narrabri Recycling at 112 Arnold Street, Narrabri or the Earn and Return website.