NSC encourages consideration for others when parking this Christmas

Published on 20 November 2023


Narrabri Shire Council is calling on local CBD business owners, staff, and residents to prioritise smart parking practices as the festive season approaches.

Council has been receiving regular complaints from both residents and visitors regarding CBD business owners and employees parking in 2-hour limited CBD parking spaces, causing inconvenience for shoppers and visitors.

In light of the upcoming Christmas season, a critical time for local businesses in the Narrabri CBD, the Council is launching a campaign to promote parking compliance and ensure convenient accessibility for local shoppers and visitors.

The campaign will feature:

  • Distribution of new parking brochure and map: A comprehensive guide highlighting all-day and 2-hour parking areas, emphasising the benefits of better parking.
  • Social media messaging: Engaging the community through various social media platforms to disseminate information on parking regulations and the importance of compliance.
  • Regular parking compliance operations: Council will conduct regular operations to ensure adherence to parking regulations in Narrabri CBD over the coming weeks.


Parking Brochure and Map(PDF, 1MB)

Council encourages businesses owners, staff, and residents to actively participate in the campaign by following parking regulations, ultimately supporting the local economy during this festive season.

"As we celebrate the Christmas season, it's crucial that we work together to enhance the experience for everyone in Narrabri's CBD,” Mayor Darrell Tiemens said.

“The parking campaign is not just about compliance; it's a collective effort to support our local businesses, promote accessibility, and ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all. Let's make Narrabri's CBD a welcoming place for residents and visitors alike this Christmas."

Benefits of parking compliance:

  1. Supporting local businesses: Increasing turnover of parking spaces for potential customers, especially crucial during the warmer months.
  2. Consideration for vulnerable populations: Being mindful of elderly residents, individuals with disabilities, and guardians with young children, facilitating a more enjoyable experience in the CBD.
  3. Enhanced safety: Increasing pedestrian and passenger safety in the CBD by ensuring proper parking practices.

Council is committed to conducting regular parking compliance operations in Narrabri CBD to maximise the benefits of parking compliance for all community members.

The Parking Campaign aims to raise awareness about CBD parking regulations, promote the advantages of better parking, and highlight all-day parking locations.

As we approach the festive season, Narrabri Shire Council encourages everyone to contribute to a positive and vibrant CBD experience for locals and visitors alike.

Parking-Campain-2023-Map.jpg(PDF, 1MB)

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