Development Forms & BASIX Certificate

If you are planning a development in Narrabri Shire you will require consent from Council. This is gained through lodging a development application with Council.

Council regulates building and development within Narrabri Shire whether it be commercial, industrial or residential. Each development application is assessed individually against Council’s Development Control Plans, Local Environmental Plans and State Environmental Planning Policies.

Preparing an application can be a complicated process especially if it’s your first time. The information on this site has been designed to make this process easier.

The Development Application Guide gives applicants a step-by-step guide to completing an application and supplying the correct accompanying information.

Those completing a Development Application will find all of the necessary information to complete their application in the below links and information. They will provide information on Statements of Environmental Effects, Application forms, Basix requirements, Design Specifications, Development Application checklist and associated fees and charges.

Applicants should consider bushfire safety when planning their development. Please check the Bush Fire Planning section of this website for further information on bush fire safety and suitable design.

Statement of Environmental Effects Form(PDF, 2MB) 
Development Application Checklist - Dwellings(PDF, 682KB) 
Development Application Checklist - Sheds, Carports and Garages(PDF, 679KB) 
Development Application Checklist - Swimming Pools(PDF, 695KB) 
Owners Letter of Consent to lodge an application(PDF, 105KB) 

BASIX Certificate

"BASIX Certificate" The Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) is a web-based planning tool designed to assess the potential performance of residential buildings against a range of sustainability indices.

A BASIX Certificate identifies the sustainability features required to be incorporated in the building design. These features may include sustainable design elements such as recycled water, rainwater tanks, AAA-rated showerheads and taps, native landscaping, heat pump or solar water heaters, gas space heaters, roof eaves/awnings and wall/ceiling insulation.
You need a BASIX Certificate in Narrabri Local Government Area when BASIX applies to the type of development for which you require approval. Commencement dates and details of types of development are at the NSW Department of Planning' BASIX website.

The applicant is required to submit the BASIX Certificate with the Development Application or Complying Development Certificate application. The plans and specifications must also identify the BASIX commitments which will be checked by a professional building certifier during construction. Where submitted plans or specifications are inconsistent with the relevant BASIX Certificate, Council requires applicants to submit consistent applications before progressing the assessment process, either by amending plans / specifications or by submitting a new BASIX Certificate with commitments that match the rest of the application.

BASIX Website     BASIX Help Line

Disclosure Statement of Political Donations and Gifts

A disclosure statement of a reportable political donation or gift must accompany a planning application or submission if the reportable donation or gift is made within two (2) years before the application or submission is made.  If the donation or gift is made after the lodgement of the application, a disclosure statement must be sent to the relevant consent or approval authority within seven (7) days after the donation or gift is made.

 Disclosure Statement of Political Donations and Gifts(PDF, 85KB)