The Exchange Business Activator (TEBA) Program


TEBA represents a collaborative effort between The Exchange Narrabri and the University of New England's Smart Region Incubator (UNE SRI). This initiative is carefully crafted to facilitate ongoing economic rejuvenation in the region by offering specialized assistance to both established and up-and-coming local businesses. Its primary goal is to cultivate confidence, enhance capabilities, and drive sustainable growth within the community.

TEBA 2.0 is set to bring another 12 months of enriching learning lunches, networking events, and business circles, offering sustained expert guidance to bolster the development of both established and budding local businesses. This initiative aims to foster confidence, enhance capabilities, and stimulate growth within the local business community.

TEBA 2.0

Following the success of the TEBA program in 2022 and 2023, Narrabri Shire Council is delighted to announce that in partnership with The Exchange, TEBA 2.0 program will commence in August 2023.  

The TEBA 2.0 program will deliver a further 12 months of learning lunches, networking opportunities and business circles, continuing to provide expert support for established and emerging local businesses in order to build confidence, capability and growth.  

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The Exchange Business Activator (TEBA) Program

Narrabri Shire Council has supported small businesses in Narrabri Shire by delivering a comprehensive 12-month business support program named The Exchange Business Activator (TEBA) during 2022 and 2023. 

TEBA is a joint venture in partnership with The Exchange Narrabri and the University of New England's Smart Region Incubator (UNE SRI) designed to enable continued economic recovery in the region by providing expert support for established and emerging local businesses in order to build confidence, capability and growth. 

TEBA aims to enable a legacy of economic recovery, community resilience and job creation in line with local and regional strategies. 

TEBA's commitment is providing a full schedule of capacity building, networking and development opportunities for businesses in the region, including: 

  • UNE SRI Hatch Program (2 x 3-month programs) 

  • UNE SRI Leverage Program (12 months) 

  • Professional Advisory Support Program 

  • Monthly business networking events 

  • Monthly business challenge solving sessions 

  • Bi-monthly mentoring sessions 

  • Monthly guest speakers 

  • Monthly Masterclasses/Learning Lunches 

Narrabri Shire was recently awarded the LG NSW RH Dougherty Award for Innovation in Special Events for the TEBA program in August 2023.  

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Entrepreneurs Leverage Program

The Entrepreneurs Leverage Program is being run by Narrabri Shire Council in partnership with the University of New England’s Smart Region Incubator (UNE SRI) and The Exchange Narrabri as part of The Exchange Business Activator (TEBA) program.

Beginning in June 2022, the program is suitable for founders, business owners and entrepreneurs who are committed to preparation and focussed on sustainably growing and scaling their business.

Led by UNE SRI Expert-in-Residence, Mandy Walker, participants will be able to simplify their strategy, create engaged teams, execute reliably, and increase and smooth cash flow.

This 12-month program is held over four immersive sessions and is experiential immersive and pragmatic with group discussions and exercises.

The Entrepreneurs Leverage Program is a high impact, supported program that covers topics including financial literacy, strategy, business plans, sales, team building, business development, cash flow and marketing in a practical manner. Leadership skills, business relationships, psychology and wealth conversations will also be covered. For more information and to register, click here. This project is funded by the Australian and NSW Government Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund.

Professional Advisory Support Program

The Professional Advisory Support Program is facilitated by Narrabri Shire Council as part of NSW Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund Project and provides eligible Narrabri Shire businesses with up to one hour of free advice in the following categories:

  • Accounting/Financial Planning
  • Website/Digital Marketing
  • Information Technology (IT) Services
Applications are now open.

For more information and to apply for program, please complete the application form.

Professional Advisory Support Program - Application Form(PDF, 273KB)