Construction Certificate

A Construction Certificate is the approval required to actually undertake the building and construction works involved in any proposed development. Any consent issued that involves building and construction works will require a Construction Certificate before the work can commence. A Construction Certificate certifies that the detailed construction plans and specifications for the development are consistent with the Development Consent and comply with the Building Code of Australia at

An integrated Development Application and Construction Certificate Application Form can be completed for smaller developments where Development Application approval does not need to be sought prior to works commencing. For example with smaller dwellings, sheds, garages, swimming pools etc.

Please view the Construction Certificate checklist to ensure you have completed the appropriate procedures and supplied the correct documents to Council.

A Construction Certificate is not required for work covered by a Complying Development Certificate or development that Council considers exempt.

Occupation of buildings – Occupation Certificates

Before occupying a new or renovated building (including a building where the use is being changed or has been changed) you need:

1 - To have your Principal Certifying Authority carry out a final inspection.
2 - To obtain an Occupation Certificate - your approval documents should make reference to the need to obtain an occupation certificate.

An occupation certificate can be obtained by making an application for an occupation certificate.

Your Consent Authority or Accredited Certifier issues the Occupation Certificate where required upon satisfactory completion of the proposed works in accordance with the terms of the approval.

Construction Certificate Checklist - Dwellings(PDF, 699KB) 
Construction Certificate Checklist - Sheds, Carports and Garages(PDF, 693KB) 
Construction Certificate Checklist - Swimming Pools(PDF, 754KB) 


Building Code of Australia

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) is administered by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) on behalf of the Australian Government and State and Territory Governments. The BCA has been given the status of building regulations by all States and Territories.

The goals of the BCA are to enable the achievement and maintenance of acceptable standards of structural sufficiency, safety (including safety from fire), health and amenity for the benefit of the community now and in the future.

These goals are applied so that the BCA extends no further than is necessary in the public interest, are cost effective, easily understood, and are not needlessly onerous in its application.

The BCA contains technical provisions for the design and construction of buildings and other structures, covering such matters as structure, fire resistance, access and egress, services and equipment, and certain aspects of health and amenity.

View the following websites for further information on the Building Code of Australia.

Australian Institute of Building   Australian Building Codes Board