Narrabri Shire Industries

The Narrabri Shire region is an area well positioned for growth and expansion, with a dynamic Council always looking to the future with a broad range of industries to strengthen its economic base.

Progressive projects at the forefront for development and expansion. Creating diverse employment and ancillary business opportunities for the Narrabri Shire.


Narrabri Shire is positioned as a strong and diverse agricultural area. From a geographic perspective, Narrabri is a hub to not only the agricultural industry within our Shire but is strategically positioned with easy access to road and rail transportation. The current rail infrastructure from northern New South Wales to both Sydney and Newcastle ports allows Narrabri and surrounding Shires products to be efficiently exported to the world.

Gas Industry Social and Environmental Research Alliance (GISERA)

GISERA aims to provide scientific research and information on Australia's growing natural gas industry to the community, government, and industry alike.

For more information on GISERA and their research, please visit GISERA by selecting this link

Mining & Gas Exploration in Narrabri Shire

Narrabri Shire is home to emerging resource industries of coal and gas and has been labelled the “New Coal Frontier” in New South Wales.

The Narrabri Shire area is estimated to contain around 12% of coal reserves available in NSW.

The existing above and underground coal mines in Narrabri Shire are currently extracting premium coal for export markets.

A broad range of ancillary businesses are calling Narrabri Shire home as they relocate to take advantage of the growing resource industries.

Scientific Research

Narrabri Shire is base to many renowned research organisations with each organisation undertaking world-class research in their area of expertise.

The Australia Telescope Compact Array is an array of six 22 metre antennas used for radio astronomy and is the largest and most powerful radio telescope in the southern hemisphere.


Covering 13,000km square, our shire is the heart of North West NSW and is home to many tourism treasures. The Newell and Kamilaroi Highways run through Narrabri Region, bringing people from directions. With easy access to major attractions, accommodation.

One glimpse of a clear night sky will leave you in no doubt why this region is known as "Big Sky" country. The natural wonders of the Nandewar Ranges and Mt Kaputar National Park will keep even the most reluctant of bushwalkers enthralled.

Visit the Narrabri Region Visitor Information Centre website for further information on the major attractions in Narrabri Shire.

Community Consultative Committees

See below to view minutes and obtain further information on the different Community Consultative Committee groups within the Narrabri Shire. 

Boggabri Coal Community Consultative Committee

Maules Creek Project Community Consultative Committee

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Narrabri Gas Project Community Consultative Committee

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Narrabri North Community Consultative Committee

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