Locations of Cemeteries located in Narrabri Shire.


On the right hand side of Shire Rd 1, when travelling from Bellata to Millie. Shire Rd 1 is on the left hand side of the Newell Hwy when travelling from Bellata to Moree.


Map of Bellata Lawn Cemetery(PDF, 1MB)


On the right hand side of Shire Rd 39 when heading east from Gwabegar.


Map of Gwabegar Cemetery(PDF, 405KB)

Narrabri General (Old) Cemetery

Stoney Creek Road, Narrabri.

Multidenominational Section now open in Narrabri General (Old) Cemetery and available for reservations and interments.

The Narrabri Cemetery is classified as a general cemetery and all Council policies and procedures will apply.

Existing sections of the Narrabri Cemetery will remain closed to new reservations.

For further information please contact Council’s Customer Service team.

 Map of the General (Old) Narrabri Cemetery 
(PDF, 58KB)


On the left hand side of the Pilliga to Walgett Rd when travelling from Pilliga to Walgett.


Wee Waa

On the back Wee Waa-Narrabri Road over the Lagoon Creek Bridge. (This Road may be referred to on maps as the Wee Waa Pilliga Rd or Culgoora Rd. The identifying land mark is the Lagoon Ck Bridge)

Map of Wee Waa Cemetery(PDF, 373KB)


All Cemeteries are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cemetery Plan of Management

The Narrabri Shire Cemetery Plan of Management(PDF, 3MB) reflects the intent of the NSW Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013 and other NSW legislation, regulations and guidelines relevant to the administration of cemeteries.

Council as the administrator of cemeteries is the sole determinant of dignified behaviour within cemetery. This includes what constitutes a dignified funeral, monument design and installation, and the placement of tributes in addition to the permanent monument.

To minimise conflict as to what Council considers dignified and appropriate conduct within cemeteries managed, Council has prepared and implemented this Plan of Management.

This Plan of Management provides the instructions necessary for Council staff to administer the routine functions of Council operated cemeteries.

Narrabri-Shire-Cemetery-Plan-of-Management-2020-3.pdf(PDF, 3MB)

Narrabri Lawn Cemetery - Policy on Floral Tributes

Council has a policy in place regarding the Narrabri Lawn Cemetery Floral & Other Tributes to ensure there is a clear direction and consistent approach to the decoration of plinths at the Narrabri Lawn Cemetery.

Please view Council’s Policy for details on how sites at the Narrabri Lawn Cemetery should be decorated.

Installation of Plinths at Lawn Cemeteries

Council provides standard shape plinths in a choice of Concrete painted in Killamenjaro Blue, Black Granite, Dark Grey Granite or Light Grey Granite. The plinths are available with either one or two vases in either gold, silver or black. Samples of the colours are available to view at Council’s Administration Building.

For more information on the plinths that are available please see the Lawn Cemetery Plinths & Vases Brochure below. In order to purchase a plinth you will need to complete the Application for Purchase of Plinth and Vase and return to Council along with payment.

Name plaques to be placed on the plinths are not supplied by Council.

Narrabri Shire Cemeteries Application(PDF, 104KB)
Application to Undertake Monumental Works(PDF, 101KB) 
Application for purchase of plinth and vase(PDF, 90KB)  
Application for Transfer of Right of Burial(PDF, 83KB) 
Plinths and Vases Brochure(PDF, 2MB) 
Application For Cemetery Plot Reservation(PDF, 80KB)