Destination Management Plan (DMP)

In line with Government policy, Narrabri Shire Council is adopting a destination management approach to provide the direction and framework for growing the visitor economy.

Destination management introduces a ‘holistic’ approach to the development, management, and marketing of tourist destinations. The approach requires that all tiers of Government, the tourism industry, business, and community leaders work together to develop and manage destinations to ensure that tourism adds value to the economic and social fabric of the area, is sustainable into the future, is resilient to external shocks and is responsive to changes in both the marketplace and competitive environment. It involves formulating a strong vision for the future of the destination and putting in place the framework and resources to ‘deliver’ this vision.

Destination Management Plans (DMPs) are one of the tools introduced by the Federal and State Government, to identify the product and infrastructure needed to support and facilitate growth in visitation and to set the directions and priorities. A DMP is a pre-requisite for accessing tourism and other Federal and State Government grant programs.

Purpose of the Narrabri Shire Destination Management Plan (DMP)

The Narrabri Shire DMP provides the direction and framework for taking the Shire’s tourism sector forward over the next five years. The primary goal of this Plan is to increase visitor expenditure within the Shire, with resultant economic and social benefits for the Shire community. To achieve this, the Plan focuses on:

  • Improving and expanding the product base of the Shire – attractions, activities, and experiences.
  • Ensuring that the infrastructure, facilities, and services needed to attract, and support visitation are in place.
  • Setting the directions for marketing and promoting the Shire.
  • Identifying priorities to ensure the most effective use of limited funds and resources.