Bushfire Planning


Bush fire is a major challenge for the community.  It has been a natural occurrence in our landscape for thousands of years and will remain to be a threat to the environment and community. Due to ever increasing populations and the requirement for more housing land, communities have had to encroach on bush fire prone land putting their property at risk.

The NSW Rural Fire Service has a statutory obligation to property, life and the environment through fire suppression and fire prevention. Improved land use planning and construction the consequences of bush fire can be greatly reduced. Although bush fire will always be a part of Australian life there are ways the devastation can be reduced for the community.

The guides below provided by the NSW Rural Fire Service will help you to prepare your property prior to the bush fire season. There are also application forms to conduct a hazard reduction burn and other information which will help residents in their preparation before the bush fire season commences each year.

NSW Rural Fire Service Website