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Food Standards Australia New Zealand

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is an independent statutory agency established by the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991.  Working within an integrated food regulatory system involving the governments of Australia and New Zealand, we set food standards for the two countries.  FSANZ is part of the Australian Government’s Health and Ageing portfolio.

The goal of FSANZ is: A safe food supply and well-informed consumers. FSANZ develops food standards, and joint codes of practice with industry, covering the content and labelling of food sold in Australia and New Zealand. In addition, we develop Australia-only food standards that address food safety issues – including requirements for primary production - and maximum residue limits for agricultural and veterinary drug residues.

To view the Food Standards Code or for further information contact Council's Planning and Environment Department.

Councils Health & Building section provides leadership and advice to any existing or emerging businesses wishing to serve food to any member of the public. In providing this service, the Environmental Compliance Officer ensures that all activities associated with the preparation, service, packaging, transport and storage of food remains compliant with the following.

NSW Food Act 2003
Food Regulations 2004
Protection of the Environmental Operations Act 1997

Food Standards Australian and New Zealand.

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Food Premises Self Assessment Form(PDF, 76KB) - This Food Premises Self Assessment Form is intended to be for internal use only and NOT returned to Council.  It is recommended that this self assessment form be used on a periodical basis.