Events & Facility Hire


Well managed events are an important part of the development of vibrant, sustainable local communities contributing to the community’s social fabric and local economy. Events range from small functions to large, complex experiences, involving thousands of people. Events can be private affairs with attendance by invitation or public occasions with attendance open or by ticket. Regardless of size, events have many requirements including planning and organisation, risk management, securing of approvals, community participation and transparency and probity in the allocation of support and resources.

Generally, events will require some form of approval from Council and/or other government agencies. The scale of some events may require the lodgement of a development application under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. Events that take place on private land may also require a development application.

People and organisations wishing to hold an event on Council managed land need to read Council's Community Facility Standard Conditions of Use(PDF, 272KB)  and complete an Event Application Form and provide all necessary information for Council to assess the request. Applications will require the following information where relevant:

 Community Event Application Form(PDF, 98KB)

  • Payment of the applicable Event (large or small) Booking and Usage Fee
  • Site Plan
  • Public Liability Certificate of Currency
  • Request for Suspension of Alcohol Free Zones
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Transport Management Plan
  • Development Application - Section 68 Approval for Temporary Structures (if applicable)

Applications for events can only be considered if submitted on the appropriate Council form and accompanied by the required fee. Applicable fees can be found in Council's Fees and Charges .

For further information Contact Council.