Local Education, Skills and Training Pathways

Narrabri Shire is home to a number of quality education, skills and training facilities and pathways for the people of Narrabri Shire and beyond. Details of some of our local facilities and service providers are listed below.

A full list of primary and high schools can be located in Council’s community directory. 


Community College - Northern Inland

The Community College in Narrabri is part of a large network of teaching facilities throughout the New England and North West region funded by the Department of Education and Training. 

The College offers a wide range of classes including accreditations for businesses. 

Country Education Foundation

The Country Education Foundation of the Namoi was established to provide much needed financial assistance and support to local youth to help them achieve their post high school education, training and vocation aspirations. We recognise that the cost of rural students pursuing their post high school goals is often much greater than those of their metropolitan counterparts and that sometimes these costs can be prohibitive. 

We support a diverse range of education and career pursuits including apprenticeships, traineeships, cadetships, degrees, diplomas and certificate level studies or entry careers.

Country University Centre (CUC) Narrabri

CUC North West created dedicated learning and study spaces in Narrabri and Moree that have been designed for regional people by regional people. Students have free access to high-speed Internet, modern technology, and general academic support all delivered here at CUC North West. Our students have the opportunity to build a network of like-minded fellow students and can take advantage of being part of a state-wide learning community. 

Who are we here for? 

All people in the North West region who are studying higher education from any Australian university or non-university higher education provider. If you’re a local business or service provider interested in engaging locally trained university graduates and students, or hosting student placements and work-based learning, we are here for you too.  

CUC North West was officially opened on 8th July 2019 as an affiliate of Country Universities Centre, with support from the NSW Government, Narrabri Shire Council and Moree Plains Shire Council. In late 2018, CUC successful in obtaining Federal funding to deepen our operations and engagement under the Regional University Centres program. Since opening, we have supported more than 500 North West students in their learning journeys, and we look forward to being part of the future of higher education for the North West region. 

TELEPHONE 02 67 92 10 92 

Narrabri and North West Training

Narrabri & North West Training is dedicated to delivering quality and affordable training to the local workforce within the Narrabri Shire. Our training sessions incorporate traditional learning styles as well as hands-on experiences. With our knowledge and connections to a variety of local industries, our Trainers know exactly what you require to suit the field that you work in.  

Nationally Recognised Training delivered in conjunction with All States Training RTO # 32577 

Currently delivered courses include 

  • PMASUP236 - Operate Vehicles in the Field 

  • AQF3 Chemical Accreditation 

  • RIIVEH305F - Operate & Maintain 4WD Vehicle 

  • AHCBIO203 - Inspect & Clean Machinery, Tools & Equipment 

  • HLTAID014 - Provide Advanced First Aid 

NSW Department of Education – SBAT Engagement Officers

Jacinta Gorton, is an SBAT Engagement Officer for NSW Department of Education’s, Educational Pathways Program. Jacinta works with her colleagues in the Careers Immersion Team (CIT) for schools in the New England and North West region. 

School students, parents and careers interested in locally-based school based traineeships and apprenticeships, or local businesses looking for new workers are encouraged to connect with SBAT engagements officers, through local high schools.  

NSW Skills Brokers

Are you an employer looking for help with training or getting skilled staff? Skills brokers with Training Services NSW can help you retrain or upskill staff or find new skilled staff.  

Our skills brokers can help employers:  

  • Locate new staff who are trained and ready for roles with specific skills  
  • Find ways to upskill existing staff, or new staff who need training  
  • Redeploy staff who were stood down, are at risk of being stood down, or who are facing retrenchment, or into a new role in your business or another business.  
  • Make connections with the right organisations and people  
  • Find jobs seekers who have relevant skills or are in training to get the necessary skills. 


TAFE NSW are represented in Narrabri Shire with a campus in Narrabri.  

TAFE NSW Narrabri is located in the town centre and offers a range of business, technology and trade associated courses to give students the skills and knowledge they need for the job they want. 

TAFE NSW Narrabri offers certificate and diploma level vocational courses and general education programs with an aim to providing training that fills gaps in the local workforce. 

For more information and to view current courses:   

The Exchange Narrabri

The Exchange Narrrabri - A northwest hub for business owners to work and gather, fostering regional innovation and community, bringing together a diverse network of people who will have the space to connect, the room to grow, the opportunity to learn, and the support they need to succeed. The Exchange Narrabri regularly hosts upskilling workshops and training events accessible to the local community.  

Established in 2022, The Exchange Narrabri is conveniently located in the main street, in one of the beautifully restored Faulkner’s Cordial Factory and Ice Works buildings, a large heritage precinct with two 106 year old red brick structures and stunning courtyard. 

Training Service NSW

Training Services NSW works to improve training outcomes for the people of NSW. We support apprenticeships and traineeships, Smart and Skilled, and adult and community education. We're part of NSW Department of Education. 

University of NSW Plant Breeding Institute

The Plant Breeding Institute (PBI) was established in 1973 to ensure a continuing University commitment to crop breeding and research. 

 The PBI aims to: 

  • develop the new genetic materials required by industry and the technologies that allow these materials and genes to be easily adopted, 

  • generate knowledge that furthers our understanding of plant biology and farming systems, and  

  • train the next generation of plant breeders/geneticists and scientists in related disciplines. 

The Narrabri campus, located on the Newell Highway, has fertile, irrigable land which is available for plant breeding research, including the conduct of yield and quality testing and pure seed production.  

The station is strategically positioned in the northern NSW cropping area and comprises 430 ha of land of which 300 ha are irrigable. This is complemented by laboratories, storage and workspace for the conduct of the routine operations of breeding programs and research training.