Community Strategies & Engagement

Community Strategic Plan

The Community Strategic Plan is the highest-level plan that a council will prepare, with a ten-year plus time frame.  The purpose of the Plan is to identify the community’s main priorities and aspirations for the future, and to plan strategies for achieving these goals. All other plans must support achievement of the Community Strategic Plan objectives. 

2022- 2032 Narrabri Shire Community Strategic Plan 

Community Engagement Strategy

Community engagement helps communities to be active participants in shaping their future. Councils have a vital role to play in opening opportunities for community members to be involved in the strategic planning process, and are required to prepare a Community Engagement Strategy to support the development of all their plans, policies, programs and key activities.

2028 Narrabri Shire Community Engagement Strategy
Appendix 4 - Community Participation Plan


Below you'll find Council's historic strategic plans and engagement strategies.