Sporting Facilities Status

Council will occasionally close sports grounds due to maintenance, large scale events or during extreme weather conditions.

When sports grounds are closed, residents and users are asked to avoid these areas to prevent potential surface damage. When grounds are open or pending, users must always undertake their own risk assessment specific to their sport prior to any activities. 

This website will be updated Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). If a field is closed on a Friday or before a Public Holiday, it will stay closed until a follow up inspection can take place on the next working day.

Last updated:  12pm Thursday 31 August 2023.


 Jubilee Park OPEN
 Kelvin Vickery Park OPEN 


Collins Park (No.1 oval) OPEN 
 Hogan Oval (No.2 oval) OPEN 
 Leitch Oval (No.3 oval) OPEN 
 Gately Field OPEN 
 Cameron Park OPEN 
 Cooma Oval OPEN 
 Dangar Park  OPEN 

Wee Waa

Dangar Park OPEN 
 Cook Oval OPEN 
 Ludowici Park OPEN 
 Rotary Park OPEN