Corporate Plans & Reports

All councils in NSW are required to operate within the Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) Framework. The IP&R framework guides how each council develops, documents and reports on their strategic plans for their Local Government Area. The IP&R framework reflects relevant legislative requirements under the Local Government Act 1993.

Delivery Program

The Delivery Program is the 4-year plan that outlines the specific activities that a council will undertake during its elected term to address the strategies and outcomes outlined in the Community Strategic Plan. The Operational Plan then sets out the specific actions that will be undertaken on a yearly basis to achieve the Delivery Program, along with the detailed annual budget.

Resourcing our Plans

Council has developed a comprehensive resourcing strategy to ensure that it can sustainably implement the initiatives and actions outlined in the strategic planning documents. The Resourcing Strategy encompasses Long Term Financial Planning, Workforce Management Planning and Asset Management Planning.

Operational Plans and Annual Reports

Council publishes an annual Operational Plan and a range of regular performance reports on this plan to enable our community to monitor services and programs delivered in line with the goals and objectives of Community Strategic Plan.

Below you'll find Council's Operational Plans, corresponding Progress Reports and Annual Reports.

2022 / 2023 Operational Plan and Annual Report

Operational Plan

2022 / 2023 Operational Plan(PDF, 7MB)
Appendix A Revenue Policy(PDF, 6MB)
Appendix B Fees and Charges(PDF, 7MB)
Appendix C Operational Budget(PDF, 7MB)
Appendix D Capital Works Program(PDF, 6MB)

Progress Reports 

2022 / 2023 Operational and Service Plan Progress Report: Quarter 1(PDF, 4MB)
2022 / 2023 Operational and Service Plan Progress Report: Quarter 2(PDF, 3MB)
2022 / 2023 Operational and Service Plan Progress Report: Quarter 3(PDF, 3MB)

Annual Report

The Annual Report is produced yearly by Council and reports on the works of the previous financial year. It contains details of Councils programs and activities and highlights achievements made by Council throughout the year. The document also contains audited Financial Statements.

The 2022 / 2023 Annual Report is scheduled to be tabled at the November 2023 Ordinary Council Meeting.


Below you'll find historic Council reports, plans and strategies.