Fit for the Future

The State Government has announced its response to NSW Local Reform as the Fit for the Future initiative.

A Fit for the Future Council is defined as one that firstly has the scale and capacity to engage effectively across the community, industry and government;

They should be:

  • Sustainable;
  • Effectively managing infrastructure and service delivery; and
  • Efficient.

You can visit the Fit for the Future website for further detail on this initiative.

For Narrabri Shire Council the Government is suggesting we remain a stand-alone Council by proving we are “Fit For the Future” and form a Joint Organisation to work in partnership with other Namoi Councils. Proof of our financial sustainability is to be provided by submission of a 10 year financial and business improvement strategy.

Do you have questions about Fit for the Future? See the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Fit for the Future

The following key documents may be of interest.

Frequently Asked Questions(PDF, 105KB)
A Blueprint for the future of Local Government(PDF, 973KB)
Response to LG Review Panel recommendations and Taskforce recommendations(PDF, 3MB) 
TCorp Financial Assessment and Benchmarking Report for Narrabri Shire Council(PDF, 661KB) 
Local Government Infrastructure Audit(PDF, 3MB) 
Final Report of the NSW Independent Government Review Panel(PDF, 3MB)

Council has now lodged its submission for Fit For the Future which will be reviewed by IPART. Council will start working on implementing the plan.

Fit For the Future - Where to from here?(PDF, 2MB)
Narrabri Shire Council Improvement Plan(PDF, 528KB)
Improvement Plan Framework(PDF, 658KB)
Self Assessment Tool Results(PDF, 361KB)
W&S Income Statements(PDF, 183KB)
GF Primary Financial Statements(PDF, 340KB)
Fit For the Future Ratio Calculations(PDF, 233KB)