Garbage Collection

Narrabri Shire has joined forces with JR Richards to deliver comprehensive waste services to its residents. Council offers a range of waste management solutions throughout the Narrabri Shire region, encompassing recycling, organics, garbage, and the pickup of oversized household items. 

If you have any queries in relation to your waste services please contact the waste hotline on 1300 736 719 or download the Narrabri Shire Waste App or via the Narrabri Shire Council Collection Calender. 

Provision of Garbage Bins

Residents eligible for a service will receive 3 garbage bins. 

Garbage - Red

Garbage - Red – Collected weekly

Residents have the option of a 140L (standard) or 240L (upsized) garbage bin. Any waste that is not hazardous can be placed in your garbage bin. However residents should endeavour to minimise the amount of waste put into the garbage bin by recycling whenever possible. 

 Narrabri Shire Waste Brochure(PDF, 1MB)

Recycling - Yellow

Recycling – Yellow – Collected fortnightly

Residents have the option of a 240L (standard) or 360L (upsized) recycling bin. Narrabri Shire encourages the recycling of empty steel cans, aerosol and aluminium cans, plastic bottles and containers, milk and juice cartons, glass bottles and jars, paper and cardboard.

It is vital for the recycling process that only the correct items go into the recycling bin. Incorrect items can cause many problems in processing and may result in recoverable resources going to landfill. It is essential that recyclable items are not placed in plastic bags. Plastic bags can do damage to the machines that sort the recyclables. 

Narrabri Waste Brochure(PDF, 1MB)

FOGO- Green

FOGO – Green – Collected fortnightly

The green bin is for the collection of suitable garden and food waste. Residents should use this service as much as possible when disposing of their small tree prunings, flowers, weeds and grass clippings at home. Residents can also dispose of thin branches up to 1 metre long. 

Narrabri Waste Brochure(PDF, 1MB)

Waste Services

2024 Bulky Waste & Collection Dates

Narrabri Shire Council offers two free scheduled bulky waste collections each year. This service helps households dispose of large items that cannot fit into the wheelie bins and unwanted materials such as mattresses and e-waste.

This service is only for residents with kerbside collection pickups.

Bulky Waste Collection will be collected at any time during the weeks stated below:

  • Monday 18 March 2024 to Friday 22 March 2024
  • Monday 19 August 2024 to Friday 23 August 2024

Bulky Waste Collection Flyer(PDF, 660KB)


Council is a collection partner for MobileMuster, an organisation who provides a free mobile phone recycling program in Australia and is committed to raising awareness and educating the community on repair, reuse and recycling of mobile phones.

Community members can drop off old unwanted mobile phones at Council's Administration Building, 46-48 Maitland Street, Narrabri or the Narrabri Waste Management Facility, located at intersection of Yarrie Lake Road and Dump Road, Narrabri.

During the 2019/2020 financial year, MobileMuster collected 106 tonnes of mobile phone components for recycling which saved 41 tonnes of CO2 emissions and conserved 209 tonnes of mineral resources being mined.

Council contributed 6kg to the above results and encourages Narrabri Shire residents to assist in increasing our involvement this coming financial year by dropping off any unwanted mobile phones to the locations listed above.

 MobileMuster Contribution Certificate 2020(PDF, 53KB)

Should you have any further questions, please contact Council's Waste department.


Narrabri Shire Residential Waste and Recycling Website

Narrabri Shire and JR Richards are now working together to provide residents with their waste services. Council provides various waste services across the Narrabri Shire area which can include recycling, organics, garbage and bulky household goods collections.

This site outlines these services as well as providing information about alternative waste disposal options in the Narrabri Shire area. If you have any queries, please call the waste hotline on 1300 736 719.

You can use the Narrabri Shire residential waste and recycling collection page to:

  • Look up your collection days for recycling, garden organics, waste and bulk household waste
  • Find out about upcoming events
  • Learn more about your collection services
  • Find useful information and interesting facts
  • Learn about other resource recovery and waste disposal options available in your area
  • Check service fees and charges.
  • Reporting damaged or stolen bins

Single Use Plastic Ban

From June 2022, the NSW Government will ban the issue of lightweight plastic shopping bags under the Plastic Reduction and Circular Economy Act 2021, passed by NSW Parliament on 16 November 2021.

From November 2022, the ban includes single use plastic straws*, stirrers and cutlery, single use plastic plates and bowls and expanded polystyrene foodware.

Find out more about the Single Use Plastic Ban.

The legislation also provides a comprehensive framework that will help transition NSW towards a circular economy where materials and resources are valued and kept in the productive economy while creating jobs and protecting the environment and the community.

*some exemptions apply for people with a disability or medical needs. 

Waste Hotline & Narrabri Shire Waste App

If you have any queries in relation to your waste services please contact the waste hotline on 1300 736 719 or download the Narrabri Shire Waste App or via the Narrabri Shire Council Collection Calender.

The Waste Hotline and Waste App is ideal for:
•    Reporting missed services
•    Reporting damaged or stolen bins
•    Requesting bin stickers and brochures
•    Collection Day enquiries
•    General Enquiries

Do You Have To Pay A Domestic Waste Charge If You Don't Use The Service?

Yes. The Local Government ACT 1993 requires councils to levy the annual charge for providing domestic waste management on all parcels of rateable land for which the service is available, whether or not it is actually used. It is considered that all property owners should contribute to the current and future provisions of waste services. 

Managing Asbestos Waste

Garbage Application Forms

The below application forms must be completed and signed by the property owner or authorised agents. If you are renting a property please speak with your real estate or landlord.

Application for Replacement or Repair Bin(PDF, 137KB) 
Application for New Additional or Upsize Service(PDF, 163KB) 
Application for Cancellation of Service(PDF, 119KB)