Bulk Water Dispensing Units

Narrabri Shire Council have four Bulk Water Dispensing Units offering provisions for 24 hours access to bulk water service in remote locations across the Shire.
Units are located at:

   • Lagoon Street, Pilliga
   • Bridge Street, Gwabegar
   • Gurley Street, Bellata
   • Henriendi Street, Baan Baa

The units have both a “garden tap” style outlet (1” BSP), and a DN50 Camlock outlet

Full instructions can be found on the machine at each site.

Water Filling Station Instructions

1. Connect your hose to one of the outlets
2. Turn off both outlet valves
3. Use the large “UP(+)” and “DOWN(-)” buttons to select the quantity of water you want
4. Press the “ENTER” button to confirm the quantity
5. Present your card to the credit card reader to authorise payment
6. Press the “ENTER” button to dispense water
7. Open the valve
8. Fill your tank
9. Close the valve
10. Press the “FINISH” button to finalise payment
11. Disconnect your hose

If the machine is faulty please Contact Council