Water & Sewerage Services

What do I do if there are problems with my sewer?

If it is an internal problem (inside the property boundary) it is the owner’s responsibility to correct the problem and a plumber should be contacted. If it is a problem with the main sewer line you should Contact Council.

Suspected burst pipe?

If you are experiencing a suspected burst pipe, firstly locate your water meter or path tap. This is normally in the front yard of your home.

  1. If the leak is between the meter/path tap and your home call the plumber.
  2. If the leak is between the meter/path tap and the street (ie footpath area) Contact Council.

If in doubt about where the problem is located Contact Council. To make assessment more effective make sure you know where your meter/path tap is and where the suspected leak is in relation to the meter tap and your home.

Suspected sewer problem?

If you have a suspected sewer problem firstly locate the inspection opening/gully pit or boundary trap in your yard. Carefully remove the cover.

  1. If there is water close to the surface then Contact Council.
  2. If the water appear to be a long way down or it is empty then call a plumber.
Application Forms                                                                                           
603 Certificate / Special Water Meter Reading(PDF, 53KB)
Water Services Application(PDF, 70KB) 
Sewer Junction Application(PDF, 68KB) 


For all other application forms, please Contact Council

Water Services has a range of management plans and strategies. Some of these are listed below. If you would like to access one of these plans, please contact Infrastructure Delivery.

  • Demand Management Plan
  • Drought Management Plan
  • Narrabri Water Supply Enhancement Project Scoping & Implementation Plan
  • Strategic Business Plans for Water Supply and Sewerage Services
  • Development Servicing Plans for Water and Sewerage Services