Complying Development

 Local development requires development consent and includes complying development. The form of consent issued for complying development is a complying development certificate. A complying development certificate may be issued by Council or an accredited certifier.

A complying certificate states that a particular development, if carried out as specified in the certificate, will comply with all the development standards applicable to that development.

What is complying development?

Complying development does not include:

  1. State significant development;
  2. Designated development
  3. Development which requires concurrence of any person other than from the consent authority or the Director-General of the National Parks and Wildlife Service under s.79B(3).

More specific information on complying developments can be found in the Development Control Plan for Exempt and Complying Development. Schedule 2 of this document contains listings and details of the types of complying developments and the outcomes of each of these developments.

Note: State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 (the Codes SEPP) specifies exempt development under that Policy. The Codes SEPP has state-wide application and commences on 27 February 2009.

Consequently, from that date the exempt development provisions (for the development types covered by the Codes SEPP) in Narrabri Shire Councils Exempt & Complying Development DCP will no longer apply.

A copy of the Codes SEPP and further information on the General Housing Code is available at:

For further information please email or call the Department of Planning’s Information Centre on Freecall 1300 305 695 or 02 9228 6333.

Development Control Plan for Exempt & Complying Development(PDF, 298KB)